Thursday, November 16, 2006

Remembering the Martys of El Salvador

17 years ago today 6 Jesuits, their housekeeper, and her 15 year old daughter were dragged into a university courtyard in the late night and murdered by soldiers with M16´s at close range.

19 of these soldiers were trained at the US sponsored School of the Americas.

This weekend there is a protest in Fort Benning, Georgia. To learn more about this horrible mark on human rights violations on our nation, go here. Also, when I invited the priest who has organized the counter movement to speak at LMU, I was tracked down by a military official from the school and encouraged not to have the event. The email from him and my response is found at the following link...

Army Goes Email Hunting

Human Rights Watch

And In Spanish, Amnesty International- Chile

CLOSE the SOA, and to everyone going this weekend, BEST OF LUCK! Please, write an email to your congressional representitive saying CLOSE the SOA


Lindsay said...

Catholic Charities will not allow my computer to access the SOA website. Chew on that for a minute or two... Have you read The Blindfold's Eye by Sister Dianna Ortiz??

Gisella Mendizabal said...

Patricio what a blessing to have been able to go to the protest but oh what a challenge...i'm still trying to process everything i experienced...extemely moving but what to do now?